English - Katja Wognum

Monnik op hakken

Hi, my name is Katja

‘the monk in heels’

My talks, coaching and meditation training can also be done in English and are tailor-made. 

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to apply for a free session, or contact me directly via katja@demonnikophakken.nl

That our pace of life is high, became especially clear to me after my 6 month retreat in the mountains in Mexico, many years ago. After being in absolute silence, I came back to my apartment in the middle of Amsterdam. The sounds of the city were overwhelming, but also being bombarded with information. The invisible stream that pushes you forward and makes you feel like you’re always in a hurry. It is difficult to be aware of this ‘normal pace’, unless you take a long (holiday) break, or do a long retreat just like I did. 


“Katja ensures that you actually find some peace in yourself.  She has a lot of knowledge and she knows how to translate this in a pleasant way into practical exercises that you can use yourself. In addition, she is a very sweet, warm and positive woman who is spot on to know exactly what it is that you need.” – Josée Dekker, career professional

It is great that you are here looking for a different experience of life. Because there is. 

The external conditions have far less impact on you when you are connected with your true self. The source of inner peace, (self) love, joy, contentment. Being in the moment is your natural state. There is nothing you need to fix, you are not broken, you only need to learn how to let go what you are not. 

Whether you want to have a stable experience of inner peace, or want my guidance during a challenging time in your life, it will be my pleasure to help you. I’m coaching people from different countries via Zoom.

Apply for a free session, or contact me directly via katja@demonnikophakken.nl.

“Katja’s coaching program was a kind of a turbo charger which set a lot in motion, which otherwise I would have still struggled with for years” – Annette Kooij, accountmanager at a callcenter